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At Purina® Pro Plan®, we recognize that every cat is unique. And if you’re considering adopting a cat, breed may be an important consideration. 

Long hair cat breeds are enormously popular because of their luxurious, silky coats. Of course, this beautiful trait requires plenty of upkeep. If you adopt a long haired cat, you should expect to groom them every day. 

If you’re considering adopting a long hair cat, here’s a few of the more popular breeds:

  • Maine Coon
    Known as “gentle giants,” Maine Coons are large, nature-loving cats instantly recognizable by their bushy tails and shaggy coats. They’re perfect for households with children and dogs, and they retain their kitten-like qualities well into old age.

  • Norwegian Forest Cat
    Norwegian Forest Cats are beautiful – they are easy to spot due to their long tails (which are usually about 12 inches!) and their bright, emerald green eyes. This breed is known for being great with people and other pets. They are patient, gentle and loving. Norwegian Forest Cats mature slowly, typically not reaching full maturity until they are about five years old.

  • Ragdoll
    The playful Ragdoll cats have been nicknamed “puppycats” because they are loyal, social, and can even be trained to fetch and respond to their names. Ragdolls are large and easygoing, easy to spot due to their signature markings – they are typically dark around the nose, eyes and ears, and lighter elsewhere.

  • Persian
    Persian cats are popular for their affectionate and loyal personalities. They do shed, and they have long, thick, glossy coats requiring daily brushing and occasional baths. Persian cats are good for multi-pet households, and should strictly be kept indoors.


  • Brush your cat’s fur everyday with a special comb or brush from your pet store. 
  • Remember that underneath all that fur is a muscular body – your long hair cat may look luxurious, but he or she still requires vigorous play and the right amount of food.

Whichever breed you choose, we have the dry and wet cat food, as well as treats, to help bring out the best in your cat. Especially our Purina® Pro Plan® Focus Long Coat Formula as it contains nutrients like omega fatty acids, vitamin A, and copper to promote healthy skin and a shiny, beautiful coat.