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Cat Breeds TOP 5 MOST


When you’re thinking about adopting a cat, a specific breed might be important to you. At Purina® Pro Plan®, we recognize every cat is unique, it’s important to understand that different breeds exhibit different traits and require different types of care. 

Here are the top five most popular breeds of cats, according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association’s most recent list:

  1. Persian
    Persian cats
     are popular for their affectionate and loyal personalities. They do shed, and they have long, thick, glossy coats. Persian cats require daily brushing and occasional baths. Persian cats are good for multi-pet households, and are best suited for indoor living.

  2. Exotic Shorthair
    Exotic Shorthairs are great for cat owners who want the look of the Persian’s pansy-like face – but do not want anything to do with the extensive upkeep of the Persian’s long coat. Exotic Shorthair cats are similarly affectionate and good for multi-pet households.

  3. Maine Coon
    Known as “gentle giants,” Maine Coons are perfect for households with children and dogs. Many owners note how they retain their kitten-like qualities well into old age. Maine Coons are large, nature-loving cats instantly recognizable by their bushy tails and shaggy coats.

  4. Ragdoll
    Ragdolls are large and easygoing and their playful nature has earned them the nickname “puppycat” because they’re loyal, social, and can even be trained to fetch and respond to their names. Their signature markings – Ragdolls are typically dark around the nose, eyes and ears, and lighter elsewhere – make them easy to spot.

  5. British Shorthair
    British Shorthair cats are affectionate and sweet, like many of the more popular cat breeds. They get along well with children and other pets, although they do not love being carried. Many of them are blue or gray in color, although they come in a variety of colors. 

Regardless of which breed of cat you choose, great nutrition is going to play an important role in your extraordinary life together. Take a moment to check our full line of dry cat food and wet cat food and treats to find the formula that’s perfect for your cat.  

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