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Kittens have great energy and are a ton of fun to watch and play with. However, you might be puzzled by some of your new kitten’s behaviors. But the more you know about his or her natural instincts, the better you can prepare for your new kitten.

Here are a few insights into kitten behavior from the experts at Purina® Pro Plan®: 

  • Sleeping
    You may be taken aback by how much your new kitten sleeps. It’s normal for kittens to get as much as 16 hours of sleep a day. Help your kitten by creating an exclusive space for him or her to sleep comfortably – put your kitten’s bed, a scratching post and her favorite toys in a warm, quiet, and somewhat tucked away space. Also, note that cats are crepuscular, meaning they’re most active around sunup and sundown. So you may hear your kitten moving around at night or before your wake for the day.

  • Playing
    Kittens are so much fun because they have a ton of energy and curiosity. Provide your kitten with toys so he or she can act out natural predatory instincts – toys can be as simple as wads of paper or Ping Pong balls. Establish early that humans are not toys: don’t include your fingers, feet or clothing as playthings. It is never too early to communicate that biting or scratching is not okay.
  • Eating
    Your kitten will be relying on you to establish a positive and regular feeding routine. See our guide to feeding your kitten[LINK to kitten feeding guide/url tbd] for more information about how to best feed your kitten. And be sure to check out our complete line of dry and wetkitten foods and treats to help fuel the start to your kitten’s extraordinary life. 

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