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Active dogs can benefit from a high-quality dog food with a high level of protein to help promote strength and endurance.

When active, muscles undergo a natural process of building and breaking down muscle protein called protein turnover. During and after active exercise, protein turnover increases to meet the increasing metabolic needs of working dogs.Elevated dietary protein complements the benefits of fat metabolism, since amino acids, the building blocks of protein, promote muscle growth and recovery. Key protein building blocks, branched-chain amino acids, also become an important energy source in exercising muscles.2

Not surprisingly, canine athletes that do not receive adequate dietary protein may become fatigued and have a lackluster attitude and performance. Our nutritionists recommend feeding active dogs high protein dog food, made with highly digestible, high-quality protein sources. Though dietary protein is important for dogs’ overall health and well-being, it is particularly important for active dogs that require more protein to help meet their energy needs and fuel their muscles.

Purina® Pro Plan® is dedicated to helping dogs of all activity levels excel. To help you find the best dog food for your active dog, Purina® Pro Plan®SPORT® is available in three formulas, each created to meet a dog’s specific activity level, ranging from daily walks to high-intensity competitions.

Pro Plan® Sport™ All Life Stages Active 26/16 Formula has 26% protein and 16% fat — perfect for frequent games of fetch, evening walks and trips to the dog park.

Pro Plan® Sport™ All Life Stages Advanced 28/18 Formula has 28% protein and 18% fat – for athletic dogs who enjoy long runs, rigorous hikes and dock diving at the lake.

Pro Plan® Sport™ All Life Stages Performance 30/20 Formula has 30% protein and 20% fat – for competitive canine athletes participating in events such as fly ball, agility, diving dog competitions, or flying disc.


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