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Behavior & Training KEEPING DOGS FIT


Though it is more challenging to keep a dog in shape when inclement weather kicks in, it still is important. Daily exercise should continue to be part of your routine. 

Here are tips that will help you keep your dog healthy and well in cold weather.

Outdoor activities can be fun and provide great exercise. The key is to be aware that dogs are susceptible to frostbite and illness if they are in the cold too long. Be sure to warm and dry dogs quickly when exercise is completed.

Dogs’ diets should be increased to help sustain them in cold conditions. The protein and fat in their food helps maintain muscle tone and provides energy. The amount of food fed should be adjusted based on the amount of exercise and time spent outdoors on colder days. Be sure to increase the food to meet their caloric needs. It also is important to keep fresh water available and unfrozen.