They’re cute, cuddly and curious. But what else? Here are some fun facts about kittens you might not know.

Most kittens purr when they feel secure and content, or when they’re off in dreamland. Occasionally though, a purr can be a sign of illness or fear.

The purring sound doesn’t come from your kitten’s throat, but from a vibration in the wall of a major blood vessel in her chest.

“Kneading” refers to the motion your kitten makes when pressing one front paw, then the other, against a soft surface. Instinctively, a kitten kneads when she’s nursing from her mother, laying her paws on her mom’s tummy. Kneading is usually a sign of contentment.

Kittens don’t scratch to sharpen their claws. They do it to mark their territory. By scratching, kittens leave behind both a visible and olfactory mark – their scent. It’s released from glands between their toes. To avoid scuffed furniture and floors, provide your kitten with a scratching post.

Cats have excellent vision because their eyes are super-sized. If your eyes were of equal proportion, they’d each be a whopping eight inches wide.