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Kitten Care Kitten Tricks

Many tricks a dog can do, a cat can do just as well. Some people don’t realize that cats can do all sorts of fun tricks. All they need is a good teacher.

The key to teaching your kitten tricks is positive reinforcement. This can come in the form of verbal praise or small food rewards. If you use food, do not feed her too much, as that could disturb her properly balanced diet.
Work with one command at a time. When you see signs that your kitten is catching on, reward her with a smile, cheer, or a treat. Then you can move on to the next command.

Here are a few tricks you can try:

Shake Hands

With your cat sitting in front of you, touch her paw and say, “shake.” As soon as she reacts and lifts her paw, shake it and give her verbal approval along with a treat. Remember to be consistent here and repeat the command the same way each time.

Sit Up

Seat your cat on a footstool or raised area. Hold a treat over her head and say, “sit up.” Do not give her a reward if she stands or grabs at the treat. Repeat the command and wait for her to try to accomplish the behaviour you’ve requested. When she does, give her the treat and repeat the command several times.


Hold a treat in your hand. Place it in front of your kitten’s nose, just out of reach of her front paws. Then, move the treat back and forth, with your hands in a waving motion, while telling your cat to “wave.” As she reaches for the food, she’ll appear to be waving. Once your kitten’s motion simulates a wave, praise her and give her the treat.