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Kitten Care Litterbox Training

Most kittens will understand how to use the litter box if they spent the first few weeks of life with their mother and litter-mates. You can help her understand what is expected by placing her in the litter box once every hour at first. Although she may scurry out, praise her when she uses the box. Kittens do not need a full-size litter box and might do better in a box with lower sides (about 1 inch) for easy access.

Watch your kitten closely. When she begins nosing in corners or squatting, it’s time to place her in the litter box. Gently scratch your kitten’s front paws in the filler. This way, she will learn to deposit and bury her waste there.

It’s important to remove her solid waste daily. You’ll also want to choose the appropriate cat box filler for your cat. Purina® brand cat box fillers are easy to clean and come in several different varieties.

If your kitten has an accident, wipe it up with a paper towel and place the paper towel in the litter box. Then place the kitten in the box and repeat the process of scratching with her front paws.