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Kitten Care Obedience Training

Obedience training should take place in your kitten’s first year, when she’s growing and maturing rapidly. The earlier you teach her good habits, the better.

Once you’ve chosen a name for your kitten, call her only by that name until she learns to respond. Unless she’s misbehaving, you should talk to her gently and quietly. Pet the little newcomer often to help her become a loving member of the family.

When your kitten does misbehave, it often means she’s bored and wants to play. If you can’t play with her, provide diversions like cat toys or a scratching post to keep her occupied. Since your kitten is sensitive to your tone of voice, sometimes all it takes is an emphatic “NO!” to get her to stop misbehaving. You can also try clapping your hands to get her attention more quickly.

Your kitten will surely act on her urge to scratch — it’s an instinct. But this doesn’t mean your floors and furniture have to suffer. Provide your kitten with a scratching post where she can stretch and scratch her nails. Encourage her to use the post by attaching a toy or rubbing some catnip on it. You can further protect your furniture by applying lemon-scented furniture polish — it contains an odour that’s usually offensive (though harmless) to cats.