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Kitten Care Weaning Your Kitten

Kittens have small stomachs (at eight weeks, it’s about the size of a walnut), but large appetites, so feed small amounts often. When your kitten is very young, she will be feeding solely from her mother’s milk. Your kitten will need this support until she is between six to seven weeks old. The mother will soon make it clear when she thinks her kittens have had enough of her milk.

When weaning, allow your kitten access to her mother’s milk. Start to offer solid food when they are about three to four weeks old. Dry complete kitten food soaked in warm water or warm water added to canned food is ideal. These are then mashed up to produce a gruel. A small amount of gruel can be smeared around your kitten’s lips to encourage them to eat.

Don’t be tempted to wean early. It can be damaging to your kitten’s immature gut since it’s not ready to cope with solid food just yet. Start with one tablespoonful five times a day per kitten, and adjust if your kitten is leaving food in the bowl, or is still hungry. Kittens are occasionally tempted to overeat, but normally they know what’s right.

From weeks 6 to 16 your kitten should be fed about four times a day. Moving forward, reduce to two to three times daily. You can feed dry food without moistening it from around 10-12 weeks. Kittens naturally enjoy crunching their food. This is good news since dry kitten food helps make their teeth healthy and strong.

At first, kitten will probably eat up the entire bowl at a single sitting. Over time, adult-like behavior will gradually develop, eating a little then returning to munch a bit more.