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Puppy Care Bathing your Puppy

When your puppy starts to look dirty or smell “doggy,” it’s time for a trip to the tub. Bathing should be done only when he’s truly dirty, as over-bathing can remove natural oils and dry out his coat.

The key to a successful puppy bath is having everything you need at arm’s reach so you need never leave him unattended. Keep the following items on hand:

• Dog shampoo. People shampoo doesn’t have the right pH for a puppy. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a brand.
• Several dry towels.
• A brush and comb.

Whether you are giving your puppy a shower or a bath, the water temperature should be lukewarm. Be sure to brush through all of his knots and tangles before applying water to his coat.

When bath time arrives, place a rubber mat in the tub or sink to help prevent slips. Next, wet your puppy’s coat and rub in shampoo, keeping suds away from his eyes. When rinsing clean, try to avoid getting water in his ear canals, as this can cause bacteria growth. Finally, make sure all shampoo has been removed and towel-dry while he’s still in the tub.