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Puppy Care Growling, Biting and


Growling and Biting

Most biting dogs began as growling puppies who were not corrected. Then the puppy tried snapping and got away with that, and they progressed to taking their first bite.

Because you can never trust a dog who has learned to bite a human, you must prevent this behaviour from ever happening. You may be unintentionally reinforcing this behaviour by playing rough games such as tug-of-war.

A puppy may attempt to nip you while playing. He doesn’t understand that his bite is painful. When he bites, yell out in pain, “ouch”, turn away and ignore him. Then slowly resume play. If he continues to nip, stop playing.


It is natural for your puppy to beg when you eat. However, it is important never to feed your puppy from the table since offering scraps will only reinforce bad behaviour. Begging is a hard habit to break. Feed your puppy before dinner-time, then ignore him when he appears at the table. Or place him inside his crate with an appropriate chew toy. Teach him to stay in his crate or down at your feet during your meals.