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Puppy Care Learning “Crate”

Crate Training is an important part of growing up. For you, it’s a place you can leave your puppy that’s safe and comfortable. For him, it’s a den and peaceful escape. This lesson will teach you how to choose the right sized crate, how to introduce your puppy to it, and how to make it a positive experience for both of you.

• Choose an appropriately sized crate for your puppy. He should have enough room to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably. It’s important not to choose a crate that’s too big either, as your puppy might eliminate at one end and sleep in the other.

• Find a good location for the crate. Somewhere near the hub of activity is best.

• To get your puppy used to the crate, let him sniff and explore it first.

• Make the crate a nice, fun place to be, by putting a soft blanket and his favourite toy in there. Sometimes it’s a good idea to leave the crate door open, just to let your puppy go in and out as he pleases. This helps to build confidence.

• Say the command “Kennel” and put a little treat inside the crate to entice your puppy in.

• Gently close the door. You don’t want to hurt or scare him.

• When he’s in the crate, praise him and pop in a few more treats. We want his time in there to be happy.

• After a short time, open the crate door and praise him some more. Do not let him out if he’s barking or crying. He’ll associate this bad behaviour with getting what he wants and this is something we really don’t want to do. Wait until he’s quiet and then let him out.

• Slowly build up the time your puppy spends in there. As a general rule, the older the puppy the longer he can stay in the crate. Never exceed 8 hours.