Puppies require daily exercise and regular play times. Play is important contact between you and your puppy. It helps develop his social skills, provides exercise and strengthens your bond. Play also provides a constructive release for your puppy’s pent-up energy. This is a great time for you to interact with your puppy – take a walk in the park, jog or play a game of fetch. Have fun together and get some exercise at the same time.

Games such as fetch and hide ‘n’ seek are fun for your puppy and allow him to express his natural instincts. Just as humans do, animals get bored doing the same thing, so provide variety in the games you play and the toys you provide.

Don’t let the play become aggressive. Tug-of-war, jumping up, growling, nipping, etc. should never be allowed. This type of play puts you at his level and you lose your status as “pack leader”. He will then treat you as his equal or may even try to be your leader. You must maintain your role as leader at all times.