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Puppy Care Setting a Schedule

Puppies like a routine, especially if it involves good food, lots of loving and plenty of exercise. You’ll like it too. Getting your puppy into a routine can help speed up the housetraining process. And it helps remind you to set aside time every day to give your new friend the care and attention he needs.

To get your puppy accustomed to a routine:

• Give him food and water at the same time every day.

• About 15 minutes after he’s finished eating, take him outside.

• Establish a spot outdoors for your puppy to relieve himself. Take him on a leash to that spot every time you think he needs to go. That way, he’ll know it’s a “business trip” not a “pleasure trip.”

• Schedule training and exercise at the same times each day, if possible. This way, he comes to have a sense of order in his life, which is the foundation of proper training.