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Puppy Care Training Tips

Let your puppy play first to get excess energy out of his system. Otherwise, it is difficult to hold his attention. Keep training sessions short – 5 to 10 minutes daily. Several times per day is most beneficial. This complements the puppy’s short attention span and keeps the sessions enjoyable for you and your puppy. To help establish yourself as the leader and the one in command, your puppy might benefit from exercises teaching submissiveness. To do this, pick your puppy up. When he stops struggling, roll him over on his back. Rub his tummy and establish your dominance – smile and speak calmly.

Here are some tips to help make training your puppy more enjoyable for both of you:

• Be patient. Keep showing your puppy what to do until he responds, then praise him.

• Never lose your temper or strike your puppy. He won’t understand why you are angry, nor will he learn from such treatment. Instead, he may fear you. When he responds, praise and pet him or offer a treat.

• Use puppy treats as a reward to help strengthen the behaviour you request. His primary motivation should be to please you, not to receive a snack.

• Be firm and consistent. Always be sure to use the same tone of voice and the same words when giving a command.

• End each training session on a positive note. If your puppy hasn’t mastered a new command, go back to one he can carry out and praise him for doing so.