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Puppy Care What They Need

and How to Read the Label

• Extensive studies at the Purina® PetCare® Centre, with puppies of many breeds, show that a puppy’s growth and energy levels require food that provides extra nutrition and calories. The food should provide the correct balance and amounts of essential nutrients such as amino acids, which make up protein, as well as calcium and phosphorous.

• To meet the unique needs of a puppy’s growth pattern, your puppy will thrive on food that is specially formulated for puppies. Purina® Pro Plan® puppy foods provide all the nutrition needed to help build a strong bone structure, good muscles and the vitality that will take him through this period of rapid development.

• Unless directed by your veterinarian, it is not necessary to add supplemental vitamins, minerals or other foods to your puppy’s diet. If he is eating Purina® pet food, he is getting complete and balanced nutrition already.

Reading the Label

• Pet food labels provide you with information to help you make a good food selection for your puppy. The label provides a guaranteed analysis stating the minimum levels of protein and fat, the maximum levels of fibre and moisture and any additional nutrients provided by the manufacturers.

• The label also shows all ingredients used to make the pet food listed in descending order of their predominance by weight. The label should indicate whether the product provides complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages (including gestation/lactation, and adult maintenance) or for a particular life stage, such as puppy growth.