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Puppy Care What to Never

Feed Your Puppy

• Your puppy’s metabolism is different than yours. Foods that are fine for you can pose hazards for him – from mild digestive upsets to severe illness. That’s why you should know what not to feed your puppy.

• Steer clear of bones. Bones can splinter and lodge in your puppy’s throat, possibly choking him. They may also pierce his stomach walls or intestinal tract.

• Avoid feeding your puppy table scraps, particularly right from the table. If he gets hooked on “people food,” he may never want to go back. This can lead to behaviour problems like begging or stealing from the table. And, since table scraps are usually high in calories, they may cause unwanted weight gain.

• You shouldn’t feed kitten or cat food to your puppy. These are generally too high in protein and fat to meet a puppy’s distinct nutritional needs.

• Avoid making drastic changes in your puppy’s diet unless instructed by a veterinarian. His nutrient balance relies on dietary consistency.

• Avoid feeding your puppy snacks between meals.

Human Foods to Avoid

• Chocolate, anything containing theobromine, and other caffeinated foods
• Onions
• Grapes and raisins
• Fat trimmings
• Milk and dairy products
• Sugary treats